Finally had time to make my new blog. It took make ages for me to actually think of a name.
Here's the link:

Goodbye blacksugar, I'll miss you.

I'm alive

And so I've decided to create a new, more interesting blog. I haven't gotten round to making it just yet, but hopefully it will be more successful than this one. I will post the link on here soon!
Goodbye blacksugar- you were fun while you lasted.

best night ever

So yeah, I'm eighteen bitches! I had the best time last night, so much fun. My friends and I danced the night away and drank a bit too much, but it was so worth it. If anyone knows the band Florence and the Machine, I met Florence (the lead singer). She hugged me, wished me happy birthday, then complimented my jewellery. AMAZING. I'm still so shocked.

Jason Derulo - Whatcha Say

I'm in party mode right now. Any good songs I should download?

Happy birthday to me

Guess what?! It's my birthday tomorrow :] I will officially be 18 years old!!!!!!!! I'm so excited. Let's get ready to party like it's 2010!

Tasmania + Big Day Out

So I'm back! Tasmania was really nice. The beaches were amazing - as you can see. The weather was sweet as, and I just got to relax all day everyday. It was great, I really needed that. Also, I went to Big Day Out. IT WAS SO INSANE. Passion Pit was amazing and the mosh pit was intense!!! I have so many bruises and my big toe is still numb....I hope that it gets better soon haha. Did anyone else go, and did you have as much fun as I did?


As you may have read, I'm leaving for Tasmania in a few hours. I'll be gone for a week, so no internet for me. I might just die, but hopefully I'll be able to take some sweet pictures there and show you all.
Write soon...

Friday night = party time.

This is my bestie Juliana :] Her sister asked me to take photographs at her cartoon character 21st party which was really cool. I met some new people (most intoxicated). It was a great night. I went as minnie mouse and Juliana went as Sailor Moon; best outfit ever.


Need i say more?